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All other forms: Letters, post cards, notes. ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THESE: 1. I am a United States jury member and am I willing to serve as such. If this service is required as an affirmative defense I will be asked to disclose to the court what I know regarding the defendant's criminal history. 2. I am aware of the defendant's prior adjudication of guilt and that the court has imposed any appropriate sentence. 3. I understand that this jury trial shall be as fair as possible. Furthermore, I understand the potential for prejudicial testimony, and may be asked to provide a statement about the statements which I may have heard in court. 4. Furthermore, I understand that the United States Supreme Court has made it plain that the jury may not consider evidence that was not introduced into evidence by either party. (See United States v. Jones). I understand, further, that this court should not find, as I believe the United States Supreme Court has held, that the jury may find that the defendant was not aware of his Miranda rights. (See Illinois v. Allen). 5. Since this courtroom cannot accommodate jury meetings where the defendant's counsel requests a delay, I believe the defendant's counsel shall ask for a delay in the jury's deliberations in the event he wishes to present evidence. 6. I understand that the defendant's counsel should have the opportunity to present evidence concerning the defendant's mental state while in the custody of the law enforcement authorities. I understand the court shall not be bound by the statements of the law enforcement officers to whom the defendant was brought. (See United States v. Jackson). I do not understand that I should not be required to swear or affirm as to the truth of any evidence or to respond to any question at this time. I understand that once the jury has been selected the court will make certain I see myself in person in this courtroom, that a record of this court action will be made and filed, and that the United States Department of Justice has filed a statement of facts with the court. If any party asks me to swear or affirm at any time during the proceedings or even at a later time, I reserve the right to refuse. 7. By agreeing to serve as a juror I understand that I are liable for punitive damages if I violate the rules. If, however, I do choose to violate any of these rules, I understand that I may not be held to it. 8.
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